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Carrier oils / lyses

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Essential Oils: effect and use


Here you can see how midwifes are using coriander seeds to speed up the birth. A miniature handwriting from the 13th century.

Important tips for use

Please note the following instructions in order to prevent unwanted reactions and side effects of Essential Oils!

  • oils are flammable
  • no oral taking
  • take it away from children
  • use Essential Oils partly pure, only with some exceptions (e.g. lavender) and never apply it on mucous membrane!
  • some Essential Oils, in watered form as well, may cause skin irritation under solar radiation
    allergic test (test it on your forearm before using)
  • pregnant women and children at an age of 3 years should use only 1/3 of the mentioned dose
  • during pregnancy you have to avoid some of the Essential Oils due to causing contractions
  • using Essential Oils on babies and children until an age of 3 years only with consulting a doctor
  • note the durability; above all citrus oils are perishable
  • during homeopathic therapy contact the treating doctor because some of the oils work as antidotes (e.g. peppermint oils)
  • attention: after two weeks you should change the oil because the effect could decrease on account of produced familiarization
  • as possible not with epileptics: pine, hyssop, thuja, herbs as well, e.g. sage


A guide to the right purchase of Essential Oils

The variety in shops and pharmacies has become unclear in the meantime and there is an enormous variation between prices, which usually include the quality of the product. If using Essential Oils in care and therapy, it is very important to choose products of high quality!

The following manufacturers’ instructions are very important and should be on the bottle and on the price list

  • "100 % pure Essential Oil"; not: "identical with nature" (=synthetic!) or "perfume oil"
  • the botanic Latin name of the origin plant to prevent a confusion with other sorts
  • the country of origin (exact state) because the oils are different according to their origin
  • the statement of the part of the plant, which the oil was made, if variations are possible because the effects could change (e.g. leafs, bark)
  • the exact quantity in ml or g
  • statements of the growing
  • from controlled biological growing, wild-growing or from conventional growing (without residue!)
  • the method of extraction
  • exact declaration of adding and the mixture ratio in percent, if they are thick oils
  • e.g. Benzoe Siam, mimosa or tonka, which are often stretched with alcohol or jojoba oil in order to make them user-friendly
  • possibly a carrier oil in percent
  • oils (e.g. Iris) at a very high price are often proffered thinned
  • the charge number (control number), which identifies the oil, if there are complaints

Carrier oils/ lyses are:

Very good: Grape seed oil, almond seed oil sweet, olive oil, sunflower seed oil (with older persons), castor oil stinks, but very good for the skin; the smell can be covered with diverse Essential Oils. Oils are available in groceries; the food law is more strictly than the pharmacy law, too.

At acute pain: Very good hemp oil, which is also effective without Essential Oils. Pillows or linen cloth can be used as carrier very well.

To fog 0,9% NaCl.

Honey- and condensed milk droplets including 3 drops of Essential Oils can be given into water for washing.

Creating bath salts: 500 grams salt ( ½ cooking salt, ½ dead sea salt ), the number of drops depends on the oil (if there are queries, please ask me), the durability of this bath salts is 2-3 months.

Creating massage oil: 100 ml of the desired carrier oil plus the Essential Oils, which you have chosen individually.
Here a relaxation mixture from me:
3 d. lavender
1 d. rose
1 d. clary sage (Salvia sclarea)
1 d. grand fir (Abies grandis)
1 d. neroli
1 d. sandalwood
1 d. cedar
4 d. grapefruit
(d.= drops)

It’s advisable for you to mix these oils and put them into 30 ml basis oil each time you need it because fat oil (basis oil) spoils very quickly.
It fits very well for hand and food massages, especially for older (moronic) people who have permanently the hands in their face. You can use that by giving them appetizing or calmative Essential Oils in a hand massage.

For dying persons 1/3 dose of the essence.
For pregnant ½ dose.
For persons with cramps ½ dose, too.

Tagesablauf / Pflege

Before midday-element air

Clinic: Mandarin, lemon, orange, spearmint…

Effect: good mood, fresh, stimulating…
For the personal, too!

Afternoon-element water

Clinic: Benzoin, vanilla, lavender…

Effect: Love, emotion, calmness…

Evening-element earth

Clinic: Cedar wood, rosewood, sandalwood, patchouli (especially well for women with sleep disorder)

Effect: fulfilment, relaxant…