The sensible use

The Pschyremble (a medical dictionary) defines aromatherapy as follows:

Aromatherapy; the use of smelling materials from different plants with the idea that the metaphysical power, which belongs to the plants, will be transferred to the human; olfactory connected effectiveness is only proved by some essential oils.

A definition of aromatherapy from Shirley Price says:

"Aromatherapy is defined as the controlled use of essential oils to protect the own and the health of others and to affect the body and spirit in a positive way."

My view of aromatherapy is:

The power of plants, in its liquid and high concentrated form, with all its healing effects and the smell, which influences us, sensible used for the body, spirit and soul.

Although you can not assume liability.

The following methods, which are described on my page, can not replace a doctor’s or healer’s therapy, if there is a serious sanitary problem. Essences are valuable gifts from the nature. They should be used with care!

We should use them, but not waste them!

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